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Applied behavior analysts (ABA Providers) have been successfully revolutionizing treatment techniques for children with autism spectrum disorders for a number of years.  The effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been repeatedly scientifically demonstrated.  We are excited to be on the forefront of developing and delivering treatment based on this continually emerging field of applied and basic science.




Development of Programs

How Does ABA Help Children with Autism?



We offer workshops to keep your office and staff up to date and enable them to identify signs of autism!

Our professional workshops include:

1.Scientific research articles & references

2.Video samples of therapeutic intervention techniques

3.Graphic data showing various treatment results

4.Samples of how our treatment data could be helpful in collaboration with other treatments

Referring Physicians Network

Some of the disorders that we treat are:


•Down Syndrome



•Hearing and Visual Impairments

•Other developmental delays

Contact (713) 355-0623 to find out more about referral requirements for our services as well as information about workshops that we offer to physician offices.

We serve children ages 2-18 with developmental delays and neurological disorders.

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At Autism Pediatric Therapy, we provide training seminars for​:










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