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Question 1:

Does my child have autism?

Autism disorders present themselves in a complex constellation of symptoms. It is important to make a list of all potential signs of autism that a child is displaying and then present them to your pediatrician as well as your autism specialist.

Do not rely solely on what you find on the Internet!

Question 2:

Are children with autism similar?

Yes and no! Please do not read a random checklist on the Internet and then use that as a basis to diagnose your child.

Contact an autism provider who can point you in the direction of a skilled diagnostician. There are many stereotypes regarding autism. Unfortunately, many of these stereotypes are inaccurate and may delay a diagnosis by pediatricians. They may also delay parents in getting the help they need for their child.

Question 3:

What is a good place to look for a Symptoms of Autism Guide?

We have a brief checklist on our website for convenience (see below). However, the website Autism Speaks is an outstanding and comprehensive resource that we highly recommend. They have clear videos that show many of the signs of autism.

Question 4:

My child is receiving a few hours of therapy weekly. Will this be enough to prepare him for kindergarten?

Most research studies show that a 30-40 hour week of Applied Behavior Analysis training is the most effective. However, there are many individual differences that need to be taken into account.

After receiving a diagnosis, ask your autism provider for research of treatment outcomes and how they relate to the number of weekly treatment hours.

Schedule an Autism Screening Appointment

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