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Providing a Safe Environment for Our Clients and Staff

During these uncertain times, COVID-19 has affected all of our daily lives in challenging ways, and we have had to adapt to different routines and change our social behavior. Instead of closing our doors, we will remain open. We recognize that we are essential for the children, and we can provide some normalcy in a changed environment. In order to continue providing quality care, we are working diligently on creating a clean and safe environment for children to learn by following strict protocols that go above and beyond the guidelines of the CDC.

  • Our staff members are cleaning and sanitizing work stations, frequently touched surfaces, and toys daily.
  • Both staff and children are required to wash hands upon entering our facilities and regularly throughout the day.
    • In addition, Autism Pediatric Therapy is providing support and resources for families of children that need extra help developing skills to properly wash hands at home. 
  • We are practicing social distancing within our clinics as each child has their own individual training room that they work in for the majority of their session.
  • Each location also has a medical grade air purification system that runs 24 hours a day that removes up to 99% of harmful viruses, molds, and bacteria.

As you can see, we are exceeding all the guidelines set by the CDC while monitoring the latest developments of COVID-19. We ask that all of our clients and staff help by notifying us immediately if they are experiencing any flu like symptoms, and we advise that they stay at home. At Autism Pediatric Therapy, our top priority is providing a safe environment for our clients and staff.

Covid-19 Update Effective

June 2020

All staff and adults are required to wear a mask while inside any of our clinics. If you do not have a mask, we are happy to provide one.

Children with autism often struggle with wearing a mask. For interested parents, we can offer mask wearing programs to help your child adjust with the new social standard. 

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