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If you are interested in ABA or tutoring services for your child, or have any questions regarding our program, please click the button or call 713-355-0623.

Early Childhood

(18 months - 3 years)


(4 - 5 years)

School Age

(6 - 18 years)

Innovative ABA Therapy

Autism Pediatric Therapy provides both one-to-one and group training for children with autism, Down Syndrome, learning disabilities, reading disabilities, behavior problems, and ADD.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques are implemented to improve speech, self-care, daily living ability, social skills, pre-academic skills, and more.

Our goal is to create confident learners.

Tutoring Services

Whether your son or daughter is a struggling emergent reader or just needs a little extra guidance with their homework, our tutoring program can help.

By focusing on both individualized and small group instructional efforts, our tutors aim to enhance your child’s potential in each academic subject.

We interweave motivational procedures to help the child to stay on task, and focus on learning.  Our goal is not only to help them learn new skills, but also foster a love for learning.  Learning to become comfortable with the subject matter and mastering studying skills will help build a strong academic foundation.

*Tutoring services are not covered by insurance.


“Each child receives the one-on-one attention they need through a rotation of teachers, and my child loves every one of them.”

In addition to ABA therapy and academic support through our tutoring program, we also provide the following services:

· Evaluations

· Treatment plan development

· Insurance assistance

· Behavior intervention plans for the home

· In-home training

· Free community workshops

· IEP and ARD assistance

· Sibling social workshops

· On-site access to Occupational, Physical, and Speech and Language Pathology Therapy services

"Our ultimate goal is to help facilitate each child's transition into the community, and help them become more independent."


Therapy Facilities & Atmosphere

At Autism Pediatric Therapy...

We believe that a nurturing and warm learning environment is an integral part of what makes our clinic successful.

Our facility interiors were designed and created by a board certified autism specialist to specifically support the learning and sensory needs of children who fall on the autism spectrum.

Features Included:

          · Natural lighting

          · Open viewing windows in therapy rooms

          · Individual and group therapy rooms

          · Gross motor areas

          · Separate restrooms for children

          · Kitchen/break area


Measuring Progress

Examples of Treatment Progression

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Communication / Language

Expanding communication skills is a large component of what we focus on at Autism Pediatric Therapy.  We understand that the ability to communicate effectively is a vital skill for every child to possess, and we aim to help every child expand on their current language skills.  Depending on a child's current abilities, we may work on: gesturing and pointing, basic sign language, using tablet apps to communicate, PECS communication system, vocal imitation skills, and more complex verbal skills.

Programs developed at Autism Pediatric Therapy aim to show meaningful therapeutic gains which are measured in detailed, quantifiable units.

Maladaptive Behavior Reduction

A crucial component to improving progress in treatment programs is reducing maladaptive behaviors that are harmful to the child's development.  Data analysis is a clear and objective method for measuring progress and assisting to evaluating the effectiveness of specific treatment procedures. 


Family Inclusion

At Autism Pediatric Therapy,  we believe that in order to provide the best quality of treatment for our children, it is important to include the family in every step.

We provide thorough hands-on skills training to parents and caregivers to help maximize their child's growth and ability to generalize skills in day-to-day life.

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